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       from a dream to reality...       


As the drought hit South Africa in 2015  and just started getting worse, I realised that something needed to be done to spare our precious commodity, water, for not only my future but my two children.  A need for a waterless hand sanitizer was the answer but one with a difference.  As most of the hand sanitizers irritate and dry out your skin, I wanted to develop a product that would be able to kill off those unwanted germs, leaving your skin moisturized.  After many trials my first product was perfected by the use of essential oils.  This was not only going to serve the purpose but was going to replace those harmful perfumes and fragrances with a natural harmless one.  It was shortly after that, that I realised that there was a huge need for a Toilet Seat Sanitizer.  Being on the road a lot and having two children, always having to make use of our countries public toilets, I decided to develop a product that would again include essential oils to assist in killing off unwanted germs and leaving the room smelling fresh.  It was after this that I realised that essential oils in products have a function and benefit in any product.

As time went on, my vision on building my brand was endless.  My launch of my Tissue Oil, Body Wash and facial wash in 2018, was just a start to my vision and dream.  My journey with Essential Herbal Blends has been both challenging and rewarding  and I look forward to producing many more products to add to my range.  

As I am truly South African, it was important to me to produce a product that was truly South African.  I am proud to say that my products does not only hold what comes from our natures roots but is truly from our roots.